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Utility clients are migrating from the traditional, captive customer base business model to a new model driven by the realities of deregulation, environmentalism, and increased competitive intensity.

A global hotel chain asked WorkStream to assess the value of consolidating its reservations call center and loyalty program support center. Three prior efforts to consolidate these legally and operationally discret business units had failed, and as a result, the two organizations had continued to evolve deploying divergent customer experience and operating strategies. WorkStream worked with leadership in both subsidiaries, to identify consolidation barriers, operational and integration challenges, financial benefits, and the customer experience cases to support a consolidated operating model. Senior leadership and business unit leaders approved the proposed plan and realized the benefits of the consolidation strategy

For a major ISP, WorkStream defined the operational strategy including consolidation of existing sites and implementation of off-shore, outsourced operations to ensure a competitive cost structure and positive customer experience. Annual savings post-implementation resulted in over $120 million while dramatically improving the customer experience. Within months of implementation, the client won both the dial-up and broadband JD Powers awards for service; the strategy delivered higher quality at a lower cost

For a major transportation firm, WorkStream defined the five year staffing strategies supporting increased outsourcing, a reduction in the brick and mortar footprint, and an increase in the use of geographically distributed home/remote agents. Captive as well as outsourced near-shore operations were included in the strategy assessment and design.

For a major electronic retailer, WorkStream developed a three-year customer experience strategy encompassing customer segmentation and channel strategies. Enabling technologies and processes were defined and a roadmap created for implementation

For multiple firms across diverse industries, WorkStream has evaluated existing technologies and worked with client organizations to develop a strategy to leverage emerging as well as proven technologies capable of improving service and operational efficiency

For clients ranging from transportation to wealth advisory services, WorkStream has successfully managed initiatives supporting the development of facility, staffing, sourcing, customer experience, and channel management strategies even providing guidance on product/service development based on actionable customer feedback

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