Align Customer Expections with Agent Performance

WMC has incorporated the Six Sigma methods to improve employee overall performance.

Employee promotions will be dependent on performance statistics, quality assurance evaluations, team effectiveness, values and character.

WMC’s quality assurance specialists will conduct call barging – listening to a predetermined number of each agent’s calls, chosen at random, in an effort to monitor and rate those calls in accordance with a standard checklist of service criteria.

Agents will be graded on the basis of whether they are courteous, polite and grammatically correct in their conversations with callers, and their performance will be recorded and discussed in periodic, formal evaluations.

With an agent-centric approach, we create an effective balance between the operational requirements and agent empowerment.

Customizable evaluation forms with evaluation processes for all channels.


Understand your customers’ experiences and where they can be improved with an easy-to -use evaluation and review process.


  • Custom evaluation forms
  • Play back calls and screen recordings
  • Ensure consistent call scoring
  • Find the best interactions


Happy agents create happy customers, and engaged agents reduce attrition.

  • Let agents critique themselves
  • Easy access to feedback
  • Create a library of best practices
  • Develop arbitration workflows


Improve both operational results and the customer experience by identifying where faulty processes are getting in the way.


  • Identify customer pain points
  • Speech analytics and customer surveys
  • Reduce process failures


Reduce administration and maintenance efforts and improve reliability with an all-in-one solution.

  • Eliminate synschronization issues
  • Minimize setup and configuration
  • Play back calls and desktop recordings

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