We ensure our availability on your behalf

=> The telephone ranks as the highest & most preferred customer service channel 79%.

=>> Around 71% of customers would still use their phone for all their customer care needs.

=>>> People still want a live human agent to respond and deal with their needs each time they contact a company’s contact center.

Yes, the world may have been invaded by a slew of automated “self-service” Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs), checkout processes, online FAQs, and other electronic customer service tools.

Despite this, clients still want the warmth of a friendly human being at the other end of the telephone line. And this is exactly what you and your customers will get when you partner with WMC inbound call center services.

Our workforce is adept to handle ‘multi-lingual’ support for INBOUND interations.


We provide 24/7 multi-lingual support to cater all aspect of customer service  to handle customer inquiries, order management requests, consumer complaints about products and services as applicable to your business.

Knowing a contact centre KPIs, measuring consistently with efforts is challenging. The QoS Compliance metrics are broken down into four segments service quality, accessibility, operational efficiency, and cost.

For clients that require a blended customer service solution, we’ll provide professional staff and create a “scripts” which simplifies the process of handling complex transactions

We at WMC also manage the escalation management and provide next level escalations with assurance to clients.


Our technical support agents are capable and knowledgeable in all levels of resolution handling. We offer tier 1 to tier3 resolution through the use of the telephone, live chat, email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Our technical support agents handle technology-related queries. As such, the term “help desk” is often used interchangeably with “technical support”.

Tech customer support call centers assist customers in the installation and set-up of software/hardware, as well as the correct usage of the product. Due to the vast scope of this service-oriented product, a large amount of customers often call in, and the need to streamline the process becomes inevitable.


Telemarketing or Direct response marketing is one of the top marketing strategies that many businesses are using nowadays. This is because this strategy actually helps them to talk directly to their customers.

Of course, not all companies use this because it may not really work well with their marketing plan. However, for those who actually need this marketing strategy, the work that is involved in it can be quite overwhelming.

This is why WMC is now offering direct response marketing support to help alleviate you from all the tasks involved in this wonderful marketing tactic.Direct marketing has been in the industry for years already and it has proven to be quite effective.


Claims processing is an integral, if tedious, part of an insurance firm’s operations. It is the method with which the insured can file a claim, while the insurer, from its end, must conduct a thorough assessment and decide if the claim is valid.

The insurer must be able to provide responsive customer service throughout the process. That said, it could be challenging for a firm to keep up with numerous claims on a day-to-day basis.

Having access to a talent pool that can review and resolve claims in an efficient and timely manner can strengthen your firm and ensure customer loyalty.

WMC has a team of agents who have a customer-centric approach to claims processing services. Equipped with the technical know-how of customer service, as well as the capacity to give adequate responses to customers, our people can add value to your operations.


Finding the right company to trust when it comes to dispatch services can be quite daunting. Trucking services may be your business and you would want customer and clients to come to you.

However, with the wrong dispatch service to help you out as your partner, your business can go down the drain and that is something that you would not want to happen to your lifeblood.

WMC understands where your are coming from and knows just how important it is for you to find the right team to work on your dispatch services. This is why it offers services that your business would need even right from the start.

Shipping companies have been working with WMC for years already and have been continuing their partnership with us up to present.


You would not want to keep business prospects or partners waiting. Time is money in the world of business and so you would definitely want to have a good schedule that is not messed up and that is easy to follow.Hiring a personal assistant to do that job for you can be quite a big help.

However, if the person that you choose to work for you is not that efficient in doing the job, your appointment and schedules can definitely be a big mess and chaos could happen any time. You may be losing clients or partners and that is not going to be good for your business. WMC will deliver your appointment reminders via phone, text (SMS), and email.

WMC understands your need for a cleaner and better managed appointment and schedules calendar. With that, it has trained a pool of agents who are the best at what they do.


You have a product and have started selling it on your own. You have a service that blows most competition and you have found clients pretty much on your own.

Business is doing really well, in fact too well so that you and your business partners are having a serious difficulty providing the right customer service for your existing, and you want to make more sales!

You didn’t think of this when you started your business, but new client acquisition can effectively put you out of business. You are losing time on product refinement and further development that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

You are getting more complaints from existing customers. You think of outsourcing some of your processes. Customer service? Yes. Back office? Yes. How about inbound sales? Can you find the right outsourcing company that understands how truly unique your product is?

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